The body is the vessel your spirit is driving. The fluids and food taken contain energy and minerals which are vital to sustain a healthy body.
To remain healthy or get healthy water is the most important fluid. A waterfilter is necessary to remove harmful toxins.

In a toxic acidic environment people get sick. Citrus fruits are acidic whom become alkaline healthy food when not hybride and/or seedless. The body works like a battery. The body needs physical food, the head receives photonic particles from Stars/Suns which are male Universal essence (Source), substances created by Plant essence on female Planets are necessary to keep the sentient energy beings running while driving their vehicle when there frequency is not attuned to absorb photonic particals directly. Some even incarnate with their strongest most intelligent piece of themselves into a smaller physical vessel to see what is going on and start to see more and more abuse while understanding more about themselves. Looking for ways to make changes in the benefice of all that exist when not rediculed and/or attacked in and out of body.

To cleanse free radicals people need to cleanse themselves with proper food, water and ground their hands and feet on the earth without rubber shoes and synthetic socks, which don't release harmful frequencies compared with grounding directly bare feet. Toxins get incapsulated and stored due wrongs teachings and knowlegde being fed by people working for governments, farmaceutical company's to keep control over humanity which is inhumane and abusive. 

Cancer is caused by not treating your body well. Refined hybrid carbohydrates in combination with infections takes the immune system down with fungi(yeasts) thriving on sugars inside spreading like a spiderweb in people's bodys which start to attack its own cells and destroying its organs. 

This is also caused by stress which is a major problem due expectations, chronical fatigue/exhaustion,higher demands in workload in combination with not enough relaxation of the body and mind while grounding. 

Using moringa leaf, bee pollen, organic raw/unheated honey, alkaline non-hybrid foods, hybrid foods absorb toxins whom are spreaded upon them while their atomic structure is deficient and so are the mineral absorbtions creating all kind of issues, zeolite can be helpful but plant based foods are always better when still healthy and available, so is THC CBD. It cleanses, contains vitamins like B3&6, E, iron, calcium, kalium, zinc and reliefs pain and stress. A bottle of a 10% CBD strain contains between 1/3 and 1/5 of plant essence with carrier oils like hemp or coconut oil.

That's why almost all foods in supermarkets are hybrids and full of refined sugars and toxic sweetners even when "organic" it makes people ill and depended on hospitals which have "medical" doctors subcribing pharmaceuticals been teached on schools, tricked due money and which get their books from some "educated" Phd crooked bought people. Vaccins with all kind of toxins destroying and bypassing the immume system at alarming rates and younger ages due propaganda spread by controlled media and banksters! 

Humans should eat steam cooked non-GMO vegetables, raw fruits and nuts. Vitamin B12 can be found in BIO  chlorella + B1/2/3/6, C, E, K in spirulina both vegan. Many still need food from Animals due different reasons. Animals not properly taken care of will leave more rapidly so people will change their eating habits, DNA is changing. They are the most abused ​in creation and will leave to the lion triplet M66 their new home. Soon their protector will join them and harmony will return after rapid removal of abusive spirit in this insanity people had to live in. Unaware due all the poison/toxins in combination with energetic weapons suppressing their metaphysical abilities and withholding their understanding of the bigger picture.

Enough of that! Those which create abuse will be taken one way or another in protection of the whole.